How to waterproof construction joints and expansion joints
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How to waterproof construction joints and expansion joints

How to waterproof construction joints and expansion joints

Waterbars, waterstops, and swellable waterbars are three important waterproofing products used to protect buildings from water infiltration.

Waterbars are extruded rubber or preformed polyethylene membranes that are inserted horizontally into construction joints and provide an impermeable barrier to water. They are placed within a concrete form and held in place by a rebar or other type of mechanical anchor.

Waterstops are extruded vinyl and polyethylene membranes that are also used to barrier water invasion and accommodate minor movement in construction joints. Just like waterbars, waterstops too must be properly placed within the concrete form and properly fixed.

Swellable waterbars are designed from super-absorbent polymers and they can absorb up to 400 times their volume in water and various other liquids, like oils, fuel, and organic solvents. When the membrane absorbs liquid, it undergoes an expansion process that quickly seals the joint opening from water infiltration and the resulting pressure from the expansion is designed to further seal joints and prevent water from infiltrating walls and foundations.

At Mau West Company, we provide contractors, developers and professional building consultants with high quality waterbars, waterstops, and swellable waterbars that prevent water infiltration.

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