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Have a leaking roof, house or in need of an industrial flooring solution?



Mau West offers not only offers a maintenance guarantee to all of our works undertaken by ourselves, but also the confidence that we will be here to honor it.

Quality Workmanship

At Mau West, we are consistently training our technicians to be superior. We stake our reputation on every waterproofing or flooring job that we do

Over 30 Years Experience

Our staff has over 30 years experience in our line of work. That is why so many architects, engineers, developers, quantity surveyors & contractors prefer to work with us.

Specialist Contractor

We are not jacks of all trades. We strictly do waterproofing & industrial floors. We believe that focus is our biggest competitive advantage.


Mau west is a preferred waterproofing provider for most construction companies in East Africa. Much of our business comes from consulting Engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, construction companies, real estate firms and developers.

Our Presence

We have worked in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania


We strive to make all structures habitable and functional through provision of the best waterproofing and industrial floors in the region.


Our mission is to work and teach all professionals in the built industry to make sure all structures are protected through waterproofing and flooring.