Avoiding leakages and cases of flooding in basements
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Avoiding leakages and cases of flooding in basements

Avoiding leakages and cases of flooding in basements

When it comes to basements, leaks and flooding are challenges that need to be solved with urgency and permanently.

The damages that occur as a result of leaking basements are huge – not just to the client, but also to the structure itself. Water leaking in basements compromise the structural integrity of the building. From our experience, we have witnessed parking basements not in use because of flooding; firms losing valuable archives of sensitive documents stored in basements: building owners, investors and developers struggling to attract and retain tenants in the long run because of such leaks; and so on.

When it comes to building water-tight basements, every little detail in the construction process counts.

At Mau West Co, we believe the waterproofing conversation starts at the design stage. That is why we partner with architects to create structures that are functional, habitable and sustainable.

Discover how we can help you with your waterproofing challenges.

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