Waterproofing Warranties
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Waterproofing Warranties

Waterproofing Warranties

All waterproofing works should be backed up by a warranty. Warranties are usually offered either as  product warranties offered by the manufacturer and performance warranties offered by waterproofing contractors. Generally,the factor considered mostly by customers and clients is the warranty length. However, this does not guarantee a watertight basement, swimming pool or roof. Waterproofing contractors should explain to customers and clients the warranties of their products along with the requisites, limitations and coverage.

Warranties, in simple terms, are a guarantee from the waterproofing contractor that the product being used will perform to the published standards. The warranty offered by waterproofing contractors give the customer a piece of mind that the products and services they are purchasing are backed by the company in a capacity consistent with the published performance. In addition, offering a warranty builds mutual trust between the waterproofing contractor and the customer that the product will perform

All our products are covered by a performance warranty of 10 years

A word of caution though-warranties are not offered when other aspects of the construction project are outside the waterproofing contractor’s control. For example, we at Mau West Ltd Waterproofing Solutions can not offer a floor warranty if  the floor slab is thin. Similarly, we do not offer complete warranties if only a portion of the swimming pool, basement or roof is waterproofed.

an example of a weak slab which cracked due to hydrostatic forces

Another important aspect of any warranty is honoring it. We at Mau West Ltd Waterproofing Solutions  always honor our warranties over the 10 year warranty term. For customers to assess a warranty’s value, they must take a close look at the company’s history and the likely future of the waterproofing company. This is because we firmly believe that a warranty is as good as the company that stands behind it. Customers should never be afraid to question waterproofing contractors on their business history or ask for records of successfully completed waterproofing projects.

A warranty therefore guarantees that the product is going to perform according to set standards. Most importantly, customers should hire the right waterproofing contractor with the best solutions backed by a warranty with terms to remedy the project if the product is defective.