Waterproofing Flat Roofs
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Waterproofing Flat Roofs

Waterproofing Flat Roofs

Waterproofing a flat roof seems a fairly simple and straight forward process. Theoretically it is. Common practice is providing an outlet for the water to flow out and building enough slope towards the outlet. Easy.
But what we’ve encountered in our years of experience when dealing with flat roofs always tells a different story. Getting flat roofs to be completely nonporous usually comes down to workmanship. The contention is not so much knowing how to do it, but rather putting in the time, effort and money to do it right. As a result of poor workmanship, the flat roofs become ponds and also breeding grounds for mosquitoes, mold, moss and other undesirable weeds. This inevitably leads to a leaking issue.

Photo of a leaking flat roof of a commercial building in Nairobi

How do we restore leaking flat roofs? APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing membrane often seals the deal. It is a high performance roofing membrane, surfaced with reflective natural color slates to give maximum protection against UV radiation. Instead of replacing the whole flat roof, it can be installed over an existing flat roof. This solution eliminates the cost, time and other risks associated with replacing the whole flat roof again. Properly installed APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membranes should last over 10 years. Of course this is dependent upon expert workmanship for long term high performance

APP Modified Bitumen Membrane installed at a hotel in Nairobi

APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane comes in rolls of 4kg and has a mineral finish on the surface. It is installed via a torch-down method and the installation is achieved by heating the APP Modified Waterproofing Membrane as the material is unrolled.

APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane being torched on a flat roof

APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

Do you have a leaking flat roof? Talk to us for the best solutions for you.