Preserve concrete and Masonry Surfaces with Zycosil for long-term protection against environmental attacks
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Preserve concrete and Masonry Surfaces with Zycosil for long-term protection against environmental attacks

Preserve concrete and Masonry Surfaces with Zycosil for long-term protection against environmental attacks

Damaged wall due to environmental attacks

Each day concrete and masonry structures are faced with changing environmental conditions, carbon dioxide, chloride attack and other corrosive elements, leaving them vulnerable to damage and deterioration.

Concrete and masonry structures undergo destructive reactions due to harsh weather conditions like rain, UV exposure or other environmental attacks. Therefore selection of the technology that provides long term protection is essential. In many masonry structures like perimeter walls, for instance, the stone surfaces are rarely protected from the harsh environmental conditions. Majority of the materials available in Kenya fall short of giving a longer complete protection to masonry and concrete surface. Most coatings have a very limited lifespan of less than 3 years due to harsh weather, UV exposure or any other environmental attack. Therefore periodic applications are a must and this can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Once concrete is compromised it is only a matter of time before corrosion becomes a major problem. Cracks and damages to the concrete expose the steel reinforcement of the structure to water, chlorides and other aggressive influences, leading to accelerated cracking and spalling of the concrete, threatening its long-term service life and structural integrity. Furthermore, a dirty, unsightly building can ruin your building’s value and reputation.

Our new weatherproofing solution is based on organosilane technology is appropriate for long term results as it protect buildings from moisture penetration that can result in costly repairs. Our certified team of experienced and well trained personnel in the application of the Zycosil  technology is guaranteed to enhance and protect your building’s appearance, performance and structural integrity.

Zydex Nanotechnology (Zycosil Conc) products for waterproofing offer effective & economical solutions to these problems. The silane products based on innovative adaptation of organo silane chemistry chemically react with the substrate and make them waterproofed. Unlike Paints, the silane products do not form just a coating on the substrate. Rather they penetrate in to the substrate making it inherently waterproofed.

Zycosil Conc is a 100% reactive organosilane nano-sealer which becomes an integral part of the structure itself. Zycosil Conc is water dilutable, safe, sprayable and easy to apply.

ZYCOSIL Conc is suitable for concrete and brick masonry substrates; also for limestone, marble, stone, stucco, clay tile, plaster, sand, soil, and aggregates.

Benefits include the following:

  • Water based, no harmful solvents, meets the stringent VOC Standards of California.
  • Easy application by spray, brush or roll
  • Greater coverage per gallon than competitive sealers
  • Dries clear, does not alter substrate appearance
  • Faster reaction time than typical sealers
  • Breathable
  • Completely eliminates mold and mildew growth
  • Reduces material and labor costs


Zycosil Conc penetrates up to approximately 0.5mm-1.0mm deep into substrates and converts the siliceous surface to alkyle siloxane (water resistant) surface. Complete drying is critical to complete the reaction and achieve water resistance. Surface tension of the hydrophobic surface created by Zycosil Conc will ensure that water molecules will stay in droplet form due to repulsion. The large droplets will not enter into the Nano pores of cementitious surface.

Zycosil Conc works within the matrix of a concrete structure, giving the concrete itself a waterproof quality. The surface thus treated is rendered hydrophobic to protect contents underneath or within, as well as preserving structural integrity. The solution results in the comprehensive building envelope, which is the waterproofing of the entire building including: (Basements, decks, flat roofs, wet areas, walls, Asbestos etc.)

Zycosil chemically binds to the concrete and masonry surface and once dried orient itself to give perfect barrier properties for the incoming water. The conventional coating based film forming chemistry tends to trap moisture inside the substrate which leads to the failure of paint film inside the building.

Zycosil chemical bonding allows the structure to breathe and would therefore prevent the paint to peel off maintaining. Zycosil being chemically reactive to mineral based building material would not leach out due to repeated rains or harsh environmental attacks. It has a unique composition, which is resistant to UV degradation and penetrates deep enough to give economical & effective protection.

Zycosil treated surfaces are also very resistant to micro-organisms because of the very tight silica oxygen polymer formed with the small sub-nanometer sized molecules. The surfaces not only are anti-microbial, but they can be maintained with no need for cleaning. Treating porous materials such as grout and concrete can render such surfaces impervious to staining and contamination from fine, hazardous particulates or fluids.



  • The substrate must be dry, clean, sound and dimensionally stable.
  • It must be free from loose particles, wax, sealers, curing compounds, grease, and efflorescence.
  • Concrete must be fully cured (28 days), tuck point must be cured for 3 days.
  • Zycosil Conc should be diluted with potable water to obtain a clear transparent solution.
  • The diluted solution should be liberally sprayed with low pressure until flood saturation is achieved. Flood saturation on horizontal surfaces means no further absorption of Zycosil Conc even after 5 minutes of spraying.
  • On Vertical Surface, apply Zycosil Conc from bottom to top. To achieve flood saturation on vertical surfaces, after repetitive light spray (3-4 times after 30-45 seconds) , the solution should drip down the wall.
  • Both applications are best done at ambient temperature of 10°C to 35°C. It is best to do the application during the morning or evening hours to avoid the peak heat of the sun.
  • If any screeding, plastering or painting is to be done on the treated surface, ZYCOPRIME (Bonder) must be added to the Zycosil Conc Solution.


  • For vertical Surfaces (concrete or masonry):  approximately 50sqm-70sqm per 1 litre of Zycosil Conc diluted with 20 litres of water.
  • For Horizontal Surfaces: approximately 20sqm-30sqm per 1 litre of Zycosil Conc diluted with 20 litres of water
  • Soil Waterproofing: Dilute 1 litre Zycosil Conc with 100 litres of water and saturate the soil at the rate of 5-10 litres per sqm

Concrete surface with Zycosil Conc