Mau West · Zycosil Penetrative Waterproofing

Water has an important role to play in most civil construction like concrete, brick or stone structures. At the same time, prolonged exposure to water almost invariably causes accelerated ageing or damage in some form or the other to these civil structures. Presence of water also provides a conducive environment for microorganism’s growth making the substrates look dull and dirty.

Zydex Nanotechnology products for waterproofing offer effective & economical solutions to these problems. The silane products based on innovative adaptation of organo silane chemistry chemically react with the substrate and make them waterproofed. Unlike Paints, the silane products do not form just a coating on the substrate. Rather they penetrate in to the substrate making it inherently waterproofed.

Easy spray application and attractive long term economics makes the value proposition further attractive. Such waterproofed substrates bond well with almost any type of paint applied on them.