How will a contractor waterproof your leaking basement?
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How will a contractor waterproof your leaking basement?

How will a contractor waterproof your leaking basement?

Leaking basements can present a wide variety of problems. First of all, they have the capability of damaging a building’s structure. They can also pose other serious problems such as mold, bacterial infections and potential damage to electrical lines. Even so, leaking basements become useless since they can’t be used for their intended purpose

Thus, it is no surprise that basement waterproofing services are in great demand. A good basement waterproofing job will also increase the value of your property when the time comes around for you to sell it. It is also a great long term investment as most waterproofing contractors who waterproof the basement will give a warranty on their work. This will allow you to have them fix your basement for free in case you experience some problems with their waterproofing measures after they have done the work in your basement.

That being said, here are the basic ways in which a professional waterproofing contractor will carry out basement waterproofing or any other waterproofing that is needed on your home or building:

The waterproofing contractor will first inspect the quality of your basement to determine the amount of preparation work that will be needed. If your basement walls and floors have cracks and gaps, he will first attend to those as there is no point in waterproofing a basement that has such defects. At MAU WEST LTD WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS, we use waterproof mortar mixes (PENECRETE) to close the gaps in the walls and the floors. The waterproofing contractor will then inspect the outside of the basement to see if there will be any remedial measures to be made. Generally during design stage, the ground around the basement walls is designed to slope away from the walls. Crystalline waterproofing will always resist water and moisture.

Next the waterproofing contractor will use special waterproofing chemicals on the basement walls and floors. Usually, specialist waterproofing contractors are appointed agents of the brands of waterproofing chemicals they use and sell. For instance, MAU WEST LTD WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS is the appointed and sole distributor of PENETRON INTERNATIONAL. There are many different types of waterproofing products that can be used depending on the condition and severity of the leakage and only a waterproofing contractor will know what type of waterproofing product will be the best choice for your basement. The waterproofing contractor will first prepare the walls and floor by hacking them ( to make them rough and clean)and then by making them moist with water before he applies the waterproofing mix. He will use special techniques for certain problems that might be difficult to carry out on your own. For example, at Mau West Waterproofing Solutions we use a product called a PENEPLUG. It is a rapid-setting, crystalline-based, cementitious compound designed to stopping active leaks even under high hydrostatic pressure. PENEPLUG is recommended as a waterproof plugging mortar or where rapid-setting is required.

Thus, if you want a waterproofing service for your basement that will be permanent, it is best that you call for a professional waterproofing contractor instead of hiring a general contractor.