Blog · Why Preparation of surfaces is key in waterproofing and flooring projects

The quality of any waterproofing or flooring work is heavily dependent on one key process-proper preparation of surfaces. Whether we are waterproofing a RC tank, flat roof or a steel gutter or even applying an epoxy flooring compound to a new or existing floor, the surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly prepared.

For any compound to adhere properly to a substrate the surface needs to be correctly prepared. Such a preparation must produce a surface that is CLEAN and SOUND and unless a moisture compatible product is being used, the surface must also be DRY prior to the compound being applied. CLEAN means that a surface must be free of all foreign matter e.g. oil, grease, wax, old paint, dust, debris and any other contaminant originating from outside the surface. SOUND means that a surface must be free of all unsound matter originating from the surface itself e.g. rust, loose particles,etc. DRY means that a surface must be free of ponding and surface moisture. Dry also means free of moisture rising through capillaries in the surface.

Surface preparation is fairly simple as long as you have the right tools and materials. For instance, we have seen many contractors torch APP on surfaces that are not prepared, i.e surfaces that are not clean, sound or dry. The result is that no matter how well you torch the APP, it will never bond with the surface and thus it will result to leakages.