Blog · Ucrete Lock Coat PU clear coating for chemical resistance, slip resistance and decorative looks

Do you have a floor where chemical resistance, slip resistance and decorative look are important?

UCRETE LOCK COAT PU is a one component, solvent free, aliphatic polyurethane designed to provide a tough clear coating.
UCRETE LOCK COAT PU is light stable and non-yellowing with excellent mechanical and chemical resistant properties.

One coat is adequate for most situations, but two or more coats can be applied if a smoother, but less slip resistant, surface is required.
Do not apply when atmospheric condensation is occurring or likely to occur before full cure is attained, ie, when the dew point is reached or when the ambient or substrate temperature is within 3°C of the dew point. Shake the can well before use.
Pour the UCRETE LOCK COAT PU into an industrial paint tray and apply by roller to the substrate. Continue rolling to ensure complete coverage and wetting out of all surfaces. Avoid ponding. It is important to achieve the stated
coverage rates.
Prior to application of a second or subsequent coat check that the surface is tack-free. Recoating time is dependent upon humidity and temperature, but under most conditions a second coat can be applied after 5 hours. The time between coats must not exceed 16 hours. Normally, full cure is reached after 24 hours, but under very cold, dry conditions this may be extended to 48 hours

Pictures below show a Ucrete Lock coat PU clear coating on a Terrazzo floor.