Mau West · Services

At Mau West, we carry out waterproofing for the following structures, whether new or old (repair works):

  1. Roofs-flat roofs, pitched roofs (made of roofing tiles, iron sheets, asbestos sheets and concrete roofs)
  2. Water retaining structures that are made of concrete or masonry e.g. water tanks and reservoirs, septic tanks, swimming pools etc.
  3. Water excluding structures that are either masonry or concrete e.g. basements, tunnels, lift shafts, machine pits, floor slabs, vehicle inspection pits etc.
  4. Sealing expansion and contraction joints
  5. Supply and installation of Geomembrane lining systems to enviromental protection structures, and especially landfill waste containments, waste ponds, as well as fish ponds, earth dams, water pans and tunnels