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PENETRON Cementitious Capillary Waterproofing Systems are proprietary formulations consisting of common cement,quartz sand (of special gradation) and multiple activating chemicals.

The PENETRON system works on a basic yet most efficient principle. The waterproofing effect is provided by reaction of the various chemical components contained in the solution when combined within the matrix of the concrete. The chemicals penetrate deep into the capillary tracts of the concrete by pressure of osmosis.Varied chemicals combine to form crystals which close the capillaries and shrinkage cracks to drive out moisture. This process is performed with or against the pressure of water. In the absence of moisture PENETRON components lie dormant. Should moisture be contacted again at any time, the chemical action and sealing process repeats itself automatically and advances further in depth into the concrete. That is to say PENETRON chemicals will continuously seal and reseal due to their chemical nature. Crystalline growth from capillary waterproofing has been measured as deep as 3 feetfrom point of application.

PENETRON becomes an integral part of the concrete,forming with the concrete to become a complete body of strength and durability.PENETRON Waterproofing and Protection Systems are 100% compatible with concrete.

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