Blog · Frequestly Asked Questions Regarding Penetron Integral Capillary System Concrete Waterproofing

Question:  Is Penetron slurry applied on the negative side or the positive side of a concrete structure?

Answer: PENETRON SLURRY can be applied on either side of the concrete structure. It will depend on the practicality and the most cost effective method of applying the slurry.


Question:  How far can Penetron slurry penetrate inside concrete?

Answer: Penetron can penetrate up to a maximum of 1 meter inside concrete.


Question: Does Penetron repair cracks that occur on concrete?

Answer: Yes Penetron can repair cracks which are less than 4mm. For cracks greater than 4mm, other Penetron products needs to be used. Please consult our technical team for further information.


Question: Against how much hydrostatic pressure can Penetron Slurry withstand?

Answer:  Penetron can withstand very high hydrostatic pressures of up to 7 bars. In laboratory test conditions, Penetron has been tested to withstand up to 12 bars.  (7 bars is the equivalent to over 60 meters below sea level.)


Question: Is your concrete waterproofing works guaranteed?

Answer: Yes, we give a 10 year free maintenance guarantee on all our projects. However, terms and conditions apply.


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