Mau West · About

Mau West Company Ltd is one of the leading and fastest growing waterproofing firms in East Africa. We are total experts in waterproofing new and old concrete and steel gutters, flat roofs and , expansion joints, tunnels and any other water retaining and water excluding structures-like swimming pools, water tanks, septic tanks etc. The quality of our work and our ability to resolve the most difficult waterproofing problems has made Mau West to emerge as the most respected company in its field.

Mau West Company Ltd was founded in 1981 with the goal of distinguishing itself as a high-quality, customer-centric company. Let’s face it: the waterproofing industry is not exactly known for its integrity or customer service but at Mau West Ltd, we set out to repair that image by differentiating ourselves in several important ways:

  • always using our own expert crews, and never using subcontractors
  • always doing our very best to provide first-rate waterproofing workmanship, backed up by our warranty.
  • always providing prompt, courteous customer service.
  • Always using high quality genuine materials.

If you have a dampness or leakage problem in your structure we invite you to contact us.


Our mission at Mau West Ltd is to work with all professionals in the construction industry to ensure all water retaining and water excluding structures are water tight.


We strive to be the most reputable, customer-service oriented company in the waterproofing industry. Our foremost objective is to provide our customers with prompt, courteous customer service , high quality workmanship and the best materials in Kenya and Eastern Africa.


Our staff consists primarily of waterproofing experts, and has over 15 years experience.

Why work with us?

  1. 10-Year Guarantee 
    Mau West offers not only offers a 10-year free maintenance guarantee to all of our works undertaken by ourselves, but also the confidence that we will be here to honor it.


  1. Quality Workmanship
    At Mau West, our workmanship is consistently superior. We stake our reputation on every roof,new and old gutters, water retaining and water excluding structures, expansion joints and tunnels.


  1. Experience
    Our staff has over 15 years of combined waterproofing experience. Experience is the key to quality workmanship. That is why Mau West has worked hard to become a stable company with very low employee turnover .In addition, At Mau West, all we do is waterproofing and related structural repair work.


  1. Reputation
    At Mau West, we have an outstanding reputation. Our total focus is professional customer service. The projects we’ve done speak for themselves.


  1. Endorsements
    Mau west is a preferred waterproofing provider for most construction companies in East Africa. Much of our business comes from consulting Engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, construction companies, real estate firms and developers.